• High abrasion resistance and excellent resistance to chemicals:
Pipe materials used in sewerage systems are requested not to corrode and to be resistant to chemicals. Aggressive chemicals both in wastewater and in the soil have damaged pipe material in existing sewerage networks. Polyethylene is a raw material resistant to corrosion and is has been an ideal pipe material for enabling a long life for sewage systems. It can also be used in the storage and transfer of chemicals.
• Telescopic stacking and ease of storage:
Corrugated pipes are very light and also resistant to impacts. There is no waste during transport and storage. Since it is light, it can be easily stocked or transported as one within the other.

• Easy joining methods:
Corrugated pipes are assembled with socket joint or sleeve seal. They can be easily bonded in any kind of construction site.

• Easy to install:
Due to the fact that corrugated pipes are light, heavy equipment is not required during laying. Thanks to easy joining methods, the project speed is higher than other pipe materials. It is a pipe material especially used in urban construction sites and in areas where construction season is short.

• Sealing:
In systems with joint seal and sleeve seal assembling method, tightness is provided up to 0.5 bar pressure. In this way, sewage wastes are not transmitted to groundwater and thus our environment is protected. In addition, water entry into the sewage system is prevented in the locations groundwater level is high.

• Easy to repair and maintenance:The inner surface of the corrugated pipe manufactured in light color enables it to be controlled by camera in the sewerage network when required.

• Long life:The design life of the corrugated pipes are minimum 50 years.

• Smooth flow surface:Since the corrugated pipes’ hydraulic roughness are very low compared to the other pipe materials, a low diameter can be selected and used in the sewage system by optimizing the diameter. Thus, the project cost can be reduced. Furthermore, the smooth surface prevents the solid particles in the system from sticking to the inner surface of the pipe and the narrowing of the cross-section is prevented.

• Flexibility:Corrugated pipes are flexible and they adapt to ground motion, do not deform easily.

• Production of the desired length:Pipes with socket joint are produced in standard 6 meter lengths. Pipes without socket joint can be produced in any length according to the customer demand.Standards: TSEN 13476 -3